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Henry  Macharia

Henry Macharia

Senior Associate

+254 724 328 584

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Henry is a self-assured yet principled advocate known for his infinite patience when dealing with clients, seeing matters from their points of view and acting decisively whenever he handles a case. A senior associate in the Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Department, he specializes in alternative dispute resolution with a keen eye on mediation and arbitration.


Henry is passionate about protecting intellectual property especially in a business oriented world full of ever-evolving innovation and he brings his laser sharp focus in offering legal advisory services in all aspects related to IP Law including but not limited to: IP litigation, trade secrets, patents, copyrighting, trademarks, industrial designs, IP related licensing and user agreements.


An accredited and certified professional mediator, Henry always opts to try and find a settlement on the table before seeking the more arduous route of civil litigation which costs both parties time and money. His go to mantra is to trust the process and you can make or break a deal by word of mouth.


Over time, Henry has garnered a reputation for displaying masterful flair and panache to close onerous cases and he admittedly enjoys arguing his cases in front of packed court rooms and using his wit and charm to dazzle audiences.


In his downtime, Henry loves to sample different culinary delights, collect classic football jerseys, play basketball and football and his crowning achievement outside of the law is scaling Mount Kilimanjaro.

Practice areas

Sustainable Energy

Energy Law

Law Books

Constitutional law & Judicial Review

Construction Site

Public Procurement Law

Couple in Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolutio

Contract Signature

Contract Law

Scientist on Computer

Science & Technology

Judge Writing

Civil Litigation

Courtroom Chairs

Criminal Litigation

Matters Handled

  • Part of the team involved in successfully representing a State Corporation in a suit wherein the Petitioner was challenging the Government Guarantees and Termination Terms with respect to several power stations which the Petitioner claims will cost tax payers USD 1,000,000,000 for 25 years (approximately USD 21 Trillion);

  • Part of the team that represented a body corporate in a Petition wherein the subject matter was valued at USD 7,000,000. The same was dismissed with costs to our client;

  • Part of the team that successfully represented a County Government in a Petition wherein the Petitioner was challenging the County’s Urban Renewal and Redevelopment of a particular Estate, which project is estimated to cost a sum of USD 90 Million;

  • Part of the team that successfully represented a leading State Corporation in a Petition wherein the Petitioner was challenging a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the construction of a Coal Plant. The matter was valued at USD 360,000,000;

  • Successfully represented an Authority in which the Petitioners challenged the appointment of the Director General of the subject Authority alleging procedural flaws in the appointment process and;

  • Part of the team that successfully represented a body Corporate in a Request for Review Application at the Public Procurement & Administrative Review Board for a transaction valued at a sum of USD 30,000,000.

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