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Contract Law

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Contracts are the backbone and foundations of successful business relationships and transactions. When properly drafted, they clearly define the obligations and expectations of each party to a business relationship thereby avoiding misunderstandings and limiting the risk of future litigation and liability. 


At Robson Harris, our multi-specialist contracts team excels at contract negotiation, drafting, review and implementation and handles contracts on behalf of clients who operate across the globe in numerous market sectors such as manufacturing, trading and distribution, banking and financial services, energy, commodities, transportation, technology and e-commerce, telecommunications, media and entertainment. 


Some of the Contracts reviewed touch across multiple practice areas and include Licensing Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Intellectual Property Rights Agreement, Construction Agreements, Labour and Employment Contracts, Business Contracts and Power Purchase Agreements. We ensure that our contracts cover as many contingencies as possible while covering the main points of each unique transactions.

Services offered under Contract Law

Contract Negotiation
Contract Preparation
Contract Enforcement and Termination
Contract Review

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Our Firm offers services with a depth of expertise and breadth of experience in addition to sound commercial judgement. This approach draws upon the collective knowledge and resources of each relevant practice area across our different backgrounds as appropriate, to achieve efficient, effective and practical results for our clients. 

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