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At Robson Harris, we are driven by bold results.

From individuals seeking legal opinions and representation, potent mid-size companies with dynamic day to day problems that need our expertise to huge corporates with massive operations that need legal guidance; we serve our clients with the same zealous dedication to results.

USD 914,902,900

Represented a Corporation in a suit wherein the Petitioner was challenging the Government Guarantees and Termination Terms with respect to several power stations which the Petitioner claims will cost tax payers USD 914,902,900 for 25 years (approximately USD 19,578,922,060). The petition was consequently dismissed by the Constitutional & Human Rights Division Court.

USD 6,614,903

Represented a corporate body in a Petition wherein the Petitioner was seeking a declaratory order that the Petitioner is not the body liable to pay outstanding bills amounting to USD 6,614,903.52 to our client due and owing from its predecessor. The same was dismissed with costs to our client.

USD 91,490,290 

Represented a County Government in a Petition wherein the Petitioner was challenging the County’s Urban Renewal and Redevelopment of a particular Estate, the project is estimated to cost a sum of USD 91,490,290 on grounds that the subject County Government failed to discharge its constitutional duty to undertake public participation before commencing the project.  We successfully defended the suit and the Petition was dismissed.

USD 329,365,044

Represented a Corporate body in a suit/petition wherein the Petitioner was challenging a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between our client and a Third (3rd) Party for the construction of a Coal Plant. The Petitioner alleged that it would commit tax payers to pay about USD 329,365,044 per year as capacity charges for the Plant on account that our client had failed to undertake public participation contrary to Section 3,4,5 and 6 of the Fair Administrative Act and Section 6 of the Statutory Instrument Act. The said Petition was dismissed.

USD 27,081,125

Represented a Corporate body in a Request for Review Application at the Public Procurement & Administrative Review Board wherein the Applicant challenged our client’s decision to terminate a Tender for the Supply and Delivery of Heavy Fuel Oil to several of our client’s stations whereby the tender was valued at a sum of USD 27,081,125.84. We successfully represented our client culminating in the Withdrawal of the said Request for Review by the Applicant.

USD 100,000,000

Advised a real estate developer in large scale mixed use real estate development project within Kiambu County in Kenya worth USD 100,000,000

USD 30,000,000

Advised a real estate developer in a housing development project within Nairobi worth USD 30,000,000

USD 6,312,830 

Successfully defended a major state corporation at the High Court in a suit instituted by the Plaintiff seeking a permanent injunction restraining the Company from cancelling the Award granted to the Plaintiff and/or awarding the Tender to a third party including the re-tendering and in particular the Request for Proposal for Provision of Service Delivery Platform and payment Solution, an order of Specific Performance of the subject Tender and  Special damages in the sum of USD 6,312,830 

USD 27,092,323

Successfully represented one of the largest power distributors in a claim instituted by an unsuccessful bidder at the Public Procurement Administrative Review Board seeking inter-alia a declaratory order that the termination of a Tender worth USD 27,092,323 as illegal, null and void. 

USD 10,063,931

Currently representing a major power supply company where they were constrained to terminate a contract for the supply of a  consignment of over 8,000 transformers worth upwards of USD 10,063,931 as they fell short of the standards expected. The Plaintiff seeks inter alia damages for breach of contract as well as payment of the outstanding sum of the contractual sum.

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