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Legal & Governance Audits


Boards of Directors and management are at the apex of all companies and State Corporations. They are key in the formulation of strategy and vision for the respective entities and are charged with leading the companies/ State Corporations to achieving their intended goals. As the stewards of a company, they are entrusted by shareholders and other stakeholders (including the public and government) to protect their interests and make all the requisite disclosures.


It is widely appreciated that ethical and effective governance business entities contribute significantly to optimal performance. In this regard, the conduct of regular legal and governance audits is essential for businesses to run successfully. At Robson Harris, we undertake legal audits of the operations of various organizations with a view to determining their compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to it, thereby reducing future legal costs as well as revealing future business opportunities. We prepare an audit checklist which guides the evaluation process and compares a company’s performance against the set legal standards and identifying areas of weakness/non-compliance. 


Additionally, we lay the foundation for companies to conduct ongoing legal compliance and prevention programs to ensure that their goals, structures and ongoing operations are in line with the set regulations and developments in business, specific industry and corporate law.


We work closely with management to identify the legal issues that could be triggered by changes in strategy, goals or objectives and prevent or rectify these issues before the company incurs any liability.

Services offered under Legal & Governance Audits Law

Advise on the role of the Board of Directors
Assist clients to develop compliance monitoring tools
Train your Board of Directors and C-Suite Management
Undertake Governance Audits
Undertake Legal Audits

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