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Joan Odongo


+254 735 786 592

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Joan is an open minded, passionate advocate attached to our Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department, with proficiency in Employment and Labour Relations Law, Commercial Law, Civil Litigation, Debt Recovery, Environment and Land Law, Administrative Law and Intellectual Property Law. 

Joan is a self-confessed bookworm who loves to read thrillers from James Patterson and she effusively agrees that this habit inspires her in her pursuit of justice. A double degree holder in Arts and Law, Joan is a multi-faceted advocate who has been involved in a variety of cases putting her natural zeal and intensity to work.

She is willful and does not easily accept defeat, a trait that keeps her clients coming back to her to solve their legal conundrums, always looking to flex her mental acuity, she is an accomplished board games fan and she is thus definitely the lawyer you want fighting your corner. 
An avid outdoor enthusiast, she likes to hike, picnics and above all as she puts it, she loves to cook and sample different meat variations. She is wildly passionate about investments and sees her future in combining this love with her affinity for the law.

Practice areas

Judge Writing

Civil Litigation


Debt & Asset Recovery


Islamic Banking

Scientist on Computer

Science & Technology

People Working in Open Office

Employment & Labour Law

Market Analysis

Capital Markets & Securities Law

Collision Coverage

Insurance Law

Matters Handled

  • Part of the team currently involved in a public interest matter regarding provisions of the Capital Markets Regulations that will shape the regulation of Collective Investment Schemes;

  • Part of the team representing various parastatals, major banks and private companies at the Employment and Labour Relations Court for unfair and unlawful termination of employment;

  • Part of the team representing a leading State Corporation in a suit wherein the Plaintiff is seeking a claim for USD 376,000,000;

  • Part of the team that defended a major oil corporation in a contractual dispute involving construction of a major pipeline where the Plaintiff sought payment of sums to the tune of USD 126,000,000 ;

  • Part of the team that is representing a major Power Supply Company in an ongoing suit instituted against the company for alleged breach of contract. The subject contract relates to the supply of a consignment of over 8,000 transformers worth upwards of USD 11,000,000 ;

  • Part of the team that defended a State Corporation in a suit seeking to enforce an incomplete sale agreement of a parcel of land valued at USD 2,000,000 and;

  • Currently involved in a matter involving appointment to a statutory body’s board involving unions.

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