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Legal Insights: Contribution to Lexology Getting The Deal Through - Corporate Governance, 2022

Authors: Jane S. Mwangi, Chepchirchir Sego, Gregory Manyala and Jack Otieno

We are pleased to have contributed to the Lexology Getting The Deal Through - Corporate Governance 2022 Guide, which acts as a quick reference into corporate governance issues in Kenya.

The Guide includes sources of rules and practice in corporate governance; responsible agencies; shareholder powers, decisions, meetings, voting, duties and liabilities; employee role in governance; corporate control issues; board structure and composition, duties, leadership, committees, meetings and evaluation; director and senior management remuneration; director protections; disclosure and transparency; hot topics, such as shareholder engagement, and sustainability, pay ratio and gender gap reporting; and other recent trends.

You may access the chapter on Lexology here or download it here:

2022 Corporate Governance - Kenya
Download PDF • 734KB

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