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Joint Ventures 

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A joint venture is a business agreement in which two or more parties agree to develop, usually for a particular purpose or for a limited period of time. The parties to the venture control the new business entity and share in the expenses and revenues of the enterprise.


In nearly all areas of commerce, businesses are looking beyond their own borders to compete in the international marketplace. Often, this involves seeking out foreign partners to combine their commercial strengths and resources through strategic alliances. 


We leverage our experience to offer practical advice on the technical aspects of structuring a joint venture, factors to be considered when more than one jurisdiction is involved, competition restrictions, foreign exchange controls and key tax considerations.

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Chepchirchir Sego

Senior Partner & Practice Lead

Jane S Mwangi

Jane S. Mwangi

Managing Partner


Benson M. Nyenjeri

Senior Partner

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Our Firm offers services with a depth of expertise and breadth of experience in addition to sound commercial judgement. This approach draws upon the collective knowledge and resources of each relevant practice area across our different backgrounds as appropriate, to achieve efficient, effective and practical results for our clients. 

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