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Family Law

Family with Tablet

Whether you are dealing with adoption, divorce or child custody, issues pertaining to the family can easily become controversial making a cooperative resolution hard to obtain. Due to the personal nature of relationships, family law cases can be stressful and time-consuming for all parties involved, and decisions stemming from these matters can have adverse effects on people for years to come. Having proper legal advice and representation can make all the difference. 


At Robson Harris, we focus on the legal, financial and custody issues while simultaneously providing comfort and support for the emotional side of family law disputes. We are committed to our clients and pursuing resolutions that protect their interests as well as those of their families. 

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Elna Mudibo Wambua

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Sharleen Kihima

Sharleen Kihima


Family with Tablet

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Our Firm offers services with a depth of expertise and breadth of experience in addition to sound commercial judgement. This approach draws upon the collective knowledge and resources of each relevant practice area across our different backgrounds as appropriate, to achieve efficient, effective and practical results for our clients. 

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