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Vincent Ouma


+254 700 573 422

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Vincent has qualified experience and demonstrable expertise in complex and advanced corporate structures and commercial law. He is a well-read individual with interests in the fields of medicine, economics and social philosophy. Vincent is adept in a variety of practice areas including; Procurement Law, Public Private Partnerships, Cross Border Transactions, Private Equity and Dispute Resolution.


He is skilled at fast paced and precise research as well as concise document review. His motivation in dealing with clients is always to put them at ease and provide rational and pragmatic solutions to their problems. Vincent’s proactivity has given him the temerity to always take up and complete otherwise challenging tasks with the ease of a maverick. He is a constructive team player who displays a passion for good governance and leadership to improve team productivity output.


Vincent is introspective and analytical, probably borne out of his chess playing habits and these qualities serve him well in his practice of the law. Over the years Vincent has been involved in several high profile cases including being part of the team that victoriously defended a power company in a public interest law suit with the potential damage of trillions in addition to the impending crisis it would cause to not only the client but also citizens and investors. Additionally, Vincent was part of the team that advised and equally defended a major oil corporation in a complex and advanced construction dispute involving a major pipeline against an adverse payment sought to the sum of USD 126,000,000


Vincent’s personal motto is Força, equilibri, valor i seny (Strength, equilibrium, valor and common sense), a real measure of the lawyer and the man.

Practice areas

Red Card

Competition Law


Mining, National Resources, Oil & Gas

International Flags

Cross Border Transactions

Electricity Station

Energy Law

Matters Handled

  • Part of the team that defended a major oil corporation in a contractual dispute involving the building of a major pipeline where the Plaintiff sought payment of sums to the tune of USD 126,000,000;

  • Part of the team that ensured the successful representation of a government agency at the Public Procurement Administrative Review Board wherein the Applicant inter alia sought an order for annulment of the of decision of the government agency finding the Applicant’s tender worth USD 15,000,000 as non- responsive at the technical evaluation stage and awarding the tender to another bidder.

  • Part of the team at the Firm in acting on behalf of a major Bank that instituted an Insolvency Petition against a cable manufacturing company for the sum of USD 3,000,000 and;

  • Part of the team that is currently representing a major power supply company where they were constrained to terminate a contract for the supply of a consignment of over 8,000 transformers worth upwards of USD 11,000,000 as they fell short of the standards expected. The Plaintiff seeks inter alia damages for breach of contract as well as payment of the outstanding sum of the contractual sum.

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